The Lift Gifts: Top 5 Christmas Presents for a Gym Goer

The Lift Gifts: Top 5 Christmas Presents for a Gym Goer

Christmas. It's the time of year to find a present for the gym rat in your life that makes them so happy, they're physically sick. Don't worry - we've made a list of 5 presents that are sure fire home runs for your favourite weightlifter.

1. Whoop Strap 4.0 (£15/month):

They say you can only train as hard as you recover (I say it, at least) - and the best tool on the market for tracking workout strain and recovery is the Whoop Strap.

This helps you get seriously analytical about your training but be warned - a side effect for those around Whoop owners is being lectured about sleep quality and strain every waking minute of the day - don't say I didn't warn you.

2. PureSport x 247 Collab (£60):

At some point in recent years, the best brands in the UK started looking into gymwear and saying "...should we make this cool? I like neon yellow stringer vests too, but...time and place" - and when two of the popular kids mated (figuratively...they may have literally mated too I don't know them personally), they created a drop you can't miss out on.

Limited edition PS x 247 gear is selling out fast with little sign of a restock.

3. Karta Barbell Jack Water Bottle (£36):

Changing weights is the bane of any self respecting gym-goer's existence, but no, I will not be packing a large metal lever in my gym bag to cure this disease. Enter Karta - the barbell jack water bottle, which lifts up to 220kg/495lbs without needing to bring any extra equipment to the gym.

4. New Earphones (£150):

"But I already have earphones" - yeah you do, and they stink of sweat and they're full of earwax, so get a new pair - no one's saying no to some new beats.

5. Air Fryer (£80):

The 4 minute mile. The moon landing. Making chicken that doesn't taste like shoe leather. These are all monumental milestones mankind have tried to overcome and very recently, we scored the hat-trick. Air fryers are a great way to cook food that tastes (not tastes good, just tastes) - without drowning it in oil, so your resident gym bro will be double happy. Ninja is the best brand in class but other more affordable options are available.


Controversial opinion: gym goers are the easiest people to get presents for. Show me someone that doesn't appreciate new gym kit and I will show you someone that doesn't appreciate anything. Happy shopping!

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